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For all your identification and access control needs

Over the years, the government has increasingly placed emphasis on educational establishments to improve security so we can safeguard our children, control access, secure buildings, classrooms and equipment, monitor and record attendance and reduce risk, for students and staff, with cashless payment systems.

idXtra specialises in providing educational establishments with fully integrated identification management systems that are designed to work with and enhance your existing security and payment measures.

We can help you safeguard, streamline processes and improve administration by use of smart card and biometric technology.

Smart Card Solutions

Improve safeguarding at your school by installing access control systems in and around school buildings. A staff, student and visitor identity lanyard and card policy ensures everyone on site and in classrooms is authorized to be there, easy to identify and fully accounted for.

Access Control and Wireless Locking

Our wireless locking systems ensure that buildings, rooms and the valuable equipment contained within, remain secure until such time an authorized individual wishes to gain access, or a timetabled lesson indicates the room should become accessible.

e-Registration and Attendance Monitoring

EventMarker is idXtra’s exclusive e-Registration and attendance system. Using smart card technology, this simple to use interface automatically registers students in lessons and collects attendance data. Integrated with your class timetable, students swipe in to the room and their attendance is logged, allowing you to accurately monitor and improve attendance. Reducing valuable time wasted during lessons for manual registration, whilst streamlining administrative processes and data reporting.

Cashless Systems

Take payments from staff and students for goods and services without the need for cash. Our systems use either smart card or biometric technology to make payments quick and easy, reducing waiting times and the risk of theft or loss.

Printer & Copier Control

Equipment on site such as photocopiers and printers are regularly used by staff and students alike. Wasted printing and copying results in excessive replacement of paper, toner, ink and other consumables. Our cashless system cards allow for greater control and restrictions and encourage everyone to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly.

Cashless Catering

No more forgotten dinner money and canteen queues with our cashless catering systems. Your choice of smart card or biometric technology enables staff, students or their parents to load money on to the cashless catering system online. Payments are quick and secure and parents can monitor menus, food choices and total spending.


  • Advanced access control and security
  • Save valuable teaching time
  • Accurate attendance statistics
  • Improved attendance and results
  • High quality management information
  • Rapid return of investment
  • Enhance your funding prospects


idXtra offer tailored solutions for all your identification management needs. We provide full project management of your system development, in conjunction with your key staff to:

  • Complete a pre-site visit questionnaire
  • Conduct a detailed on-site system review and scoping meeting
  • Identify your requirements, timescale and budget
  • Implement, manage and review a system trial
  • Provide a fully installed integrated system
  • Help you manage and maintain your system and database