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Visitor Management, Access Control, Cashless Catering and Attendance Monitoring Systems

Whether you’re looking for a simple badge printing system for your company ID cards, or a campus wide smart card system, you’ve come to the right place! idXtra specialises in writing software and apps for you to manage your ID card system. We are experts in integration with existing legacy access control systems and MIS, Outlook, AD, etc. Grow your system with us!

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Use contactless smart card technology to manage and control all access control, VisiTapp visitor sign-in, cashless payment and attendance monitoring on campus.
Improve your attendance monitoring regime and see an improvement in student retention.
Make the ID card part of your brand and encourage its use around campus for cashless catering and all types of payments.
Reduce queuing and improve the student experience!



Keeping people safe and well is top of the list of priorities for care homes and hospitals. With high volumes of staff, patients and visitors in both large and small buildings, controlling access and protecting valuable equipment and supplies can be made easier with our VisiTapp visitor management system combined with networked access control or wireless locks using a smart card or biometric ID.



Welcoming your visitors using our high tech VisiTapp visitor sign-in system is the perfect way to give the right first impression!
Use branded ID cards to enhance your company image whilst securing access to facilities.
Keep your premises safe and improve the employee experience in-house by using our smart ID technology.
Streamline meal payments using our state-of-the-art cashless catering system.
Keep employees safe and happy!

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Improve security in all buildings and premises by installing our VisiTapp visitor sign-in solution.
Issue high quality smart ID cards to staff.
Control access to entrances and sensitive areas by using networked access control system.
Even control access to store rooms, riser cupboards, server and switch rooms by deploying our wireless locks.
Reduce cash handling by installing our cashless catering system.