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Health Clubs and Leisure Facilities

For all your identification and access control needs

Whether you just want to control access in and out of your facilities or make your membership cards a powerful marketing tool, our services can help you. Smart card technology linked to Customer Relationship Management software can help you get the most out of your membership base from increasing member retention to driving new sales.

Smart Card Solutions

Fully branded smart ID membership cards allow you to track facility usage and be confident about managing member access. Use image capture to ensure member only access and partner swipe technology with third party software to analyse usage and spend stats. Then get clever with your marketing to build your membership and reward member loyalty.

Access Control and Wireless Locking

From plant rooms and chemical stores to staff only areas and studios our wireless locking systems allows you and your staff complete building control and peace of mind that areas of sensitivity or risk are secure. Our wireless locking systems ensure that buildings, rooms and the valuable equipment contained within, remain locked until such time an authorized individual wishes to gain access using their ID card.

e-Registration and Attendance Monitoring

High volumes of staff working on a casual basis can make it hard to keep up with their whereabouts and movements. EventMarker is idXtra’s exclusive e-Registration and attendance monitoring system. Allowing you to monitor staff as they enter and leave premises and track their movements throughout the day, helping you to manage staff better, monitor and improve staff productivity and efficiency.

Cashless Systems

Carrying cash is fast becoming an inconvenience and increasingly people are paying for goods and services at POS using tap to pay or fingerprint ID technology. Our systems use either smart card or biometric technology to make payments quick and easy, reducing waiting times and the risk of theft or loss.

Printer & Copier Control

Equipment on site such as photocopiers and printers are regularly used by staff. Wasted printing and copying results in excessive replacement of paper, toner, ink and other consumables. Our cashless system cards allow for greater control and restrictions and encourage everyone to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly.

Cashless Catering

In-house catering facilities can be inefficient at peak times in the day when high volumes of members and staff are purchasing refreshments. Our cashless catering systems, give you a choice of smart card or biometric technology to enable members and staff to load money on to the system online or at reception. Payments are quick and secure and you can monitor menus, food choices and spend to maximize the opportunities here as well.


  • Track club usage
  • Advanced access control and security
  • Monitor and track attendance and movements
  • Safeguard vulnerable groups
  • Streamline efficiency across multiple sites
  • Improved employee experience
  • High quality management information
  • Rapid return of investment


idXtra offer tailored solutions for all your identification management needs. We provide full project management of your system development, in conjunction with your key staff to:

  • Complete a pre-site visit questionnaire
  • Conduct a detailed on-site system review and scoping meeting
  • Identify your requirements, timescale and budget
  • Implement, manage and review a system trial
  • Provide a fully installed integrated system
  • Help you manage and maintain your system and database