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Paxton   Software

For all your identification and access control needs

Paxton Access specialise in access control solutions. They are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organisations. As a result their products have a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Net2 Software

  • Landlord Tenant (Net2 Pro)
  • Card Designer (Net2 Pro)
  • Timesheet time and attendance software (Net2 Pro)
  • Security Lockdown (Net2 Pro)
  • Anti-passback (Net2 Pro)
  • Fire alarm integration (Net2 Pro)
  • Client/server structure allowing multiple clients
  • Multi-zone intruder alarm integration (Net2 Pro)


  • Reliable, high quality systems: Confident of their quality, they back products with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Systems that are incredibly easy to use: Minimal training required for administrators.
  • Systems that are designed to grow with your needs: You can add doors as and when needed.
  • Net2 Software: No hidden/unexpected costs or per seat licences. Software can be installed on as many workstations as required.
  • Free software upgrades: Net2 software upgrades are free! You are able to take advantage of new features that will be of benefit to you.