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Netgenium   Software

For all your identification and access control needs

Formed by Network Engineers who realised that IP Convergence was about more than just voice and video, Netgenium is a manufacturer of IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) products and solutions, based in the North East of England.

Inventors of the IP PoE Lock Controller in 2003, Netgenium were the first company in the world to power industry standard locking hardware from Power over Ethernet. Industry recognition followed in 2005 with hardware awards at the IIPSEC and IFSEC exhibitions.

Policy Server

PolicyServer is the centralised management software that sits at the core of every Netgenium system.

The flexible policy rulebase allows any event to trigger any combination of actions and outputs on Netgenium end devices or integrated third party systems.

Typical trigger events include authentication requests from card readers, PIR triggers, Emergency Break Glass activation, Fire and Intruder alarm activations.

The event driven rulebase, configurable day, date and time schedules combined with a comprehensive reporting engine, provide all of the popular features of a high end access control system.

PolicyServer is the ideal platform to make intelligent lighting descisions. Incoming events from sensors connected to Netgenium end devices can be used to indicate presence and act as triggers to activate lighting zones.

The dedicated Audio Broadcast Engine and recording features of PolicyServer, along with the seamless integration with IP telephony and NGxView, take the public address system to another level.


  • Portfolio includes what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive IP Public Address solution available today.
  • Hardware and Software products are continually enhanced and developed.