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ACT   Software

For all your identification and access control needs

Access Control Technology (ACT) specialise in the design and manufacture of superior quality electronic Access Control and Door Entry products. Combining reliability and quality with engineering expertise and innovation, the ACT product portfolio has a functionality that is user friendly, effective and well developed in line with the demands of the market.

ACT enterprise

  • Intuitive & easy to use software; similar look & feel to a web browser experience.
  • Role based software with modules for the Security Guard, Administrator & Installer
  • Wizard & quick start buttons for common tasks
  • Sitemaps with animated icons for door activity
  • Design and Print ID Cards
  • System Alarm Acknowledgment
  • Activate/deactivate intruder alarm
  • Alert notifications including Break Glass, Door Ajar, Door Forced, Supply Voltage and Fire Alarm Activation
  • Fire alarm interface including muster reporting on fire event
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party software products using the ACT API
  • Milestone Integration (additional module)
  • Utilises the power & scalability of Microsoft SQL server


  • From one domestic door on your home, to a system with 1,000s of doors around the country, ACT products can ensure you have the greatest peace of mind.
  • ACT's award winning designs are discreet and stylish. From the simple metal and glass look of the recessed panel-mount readers, to the ease of installation of the ACTpro eLock, their designs look great in any setting.
  • ACT's wide ranging industry experience allows us to keep developing the latest products in access control, ensuring you are always getting the best possible solution for your home or business.