For all your identification and access control needs

The PLAN Access Control System will redefine many of the traditional concepts and expectations set by the vast majority of one-size-fits-all systems.

Using the advanced features of the xPLAN V9.x software and our growing range of distributed intelligence door controllers (which includes the latest hybrid Aperio™ Gateway Controller) you can unleash the combined benefits offered by a fully-featured traditional hard-wired card reader and lock control solution, as well as the flexibility and agility of secure wireless battery-powered Aperio™ locksets and e-cylinders.


XPLAN 200 access control system.


XPLAN 400 access control system.


  • The PLAN system is a cost effective, efficient and feature enriched solution which leverages the combined benefits of traditional wired wall readers with battery powered wireless on-line and wire free ‘off-line’ solutions.