Door Access Control, Cashless and Electronic Registration Systems

Established in 2002, idXtra have been specialist suppliers of a range of products and services across the access control industry, specialising in integrated smart card systems, electronic registration and cashless catering systems. Our customer base includes a wide range of sectors from schools, academies and colleges to local authorities and corporations. The access control systems we supply are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards, from leading names in the technical industry, including ACT Netgenium and many more.

We aim to provide the most advanced solutions for all of our customer’s needs, along with an excellent value for money. At idXtra, we provide electronic systems which are designed to improve user experience, while simplifying administration, enhancing safeguarding and saving valuable staff time. Our products are fully integrated and scalable, providing accurate management information.

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Our Sectors



Use contactless smart card technology to manage and control all access control, payment and registration on campus. Improve attendance monitoring and therefore student retention. Make the ID card part of your brand and encourage its use around campus for cashless catering and all types of payments. Reduce queuing and improve the student experience!



Keeping people safe and well is top of the list of priorities for hospitals. With high volumes of staff, patients and visitors in large buildings, controlling access and protecting valuable equipment and supplies can be made easier with networked access control, wireless locks using a smart card or biometric ID. Install our cashless catering system to reduce cash handling.

Corporate and SMEs


Use branded ID cards to enhance your company image whilst securing access to facilities. Keep your premises safe and improve the employee experience in-house by using our smart ID technology. Streamline meal payments using our state-of-the-art cashless catering system. Keep employees safe and happy!

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Improve security in all buildings and premises by our smart visual ID cards. Control access to entrances and sensitive areas by using networked access control system. Spread control to store rooms, riser cupboards, server and switch rooms by deploying our wireless locks. Reduce cash handling by installing our cashless catering system.